Dr. Eduard Matito

Quantum Chemistry

Research & Slides

 Research topics

- Development of Density and Density-Matrix Functionals Methods (DFT & DMFT).

- Exactly Solvable Models (e.g. Hooke Atom, Wigner molecules).

- Reduced Density Matrices.

- Chemical Bonding Descriptors. Electron Sharing Indices (ESIs).

- Aromaticity.


Active projects as PI

Title: Ikerbasque Research Project
Entity: Ikerbasque Science Foundation                                                              Period: 2018-2020
Budget: 20,000€

Title: Design and application of new DFT functionals for the calculation of nonlinear optical properties from correlation and real-space indicators. PGC2018-098212-B-C21
Entity: Spanish Ministry (MINECO)                                                                     Period: 2019-2021
Budget: 64,130€  

Title: Desarrollo de foto-sensores moleculares aplicados a problemas de física fundamental
Entity: Basque Government                                                                             Period: 2019-2020
Budget: 74,330€   

Title: Strong Correlation in Density Functional Theory
Entity: Spanish Ministry (MINECO). EUR2019-103825                                          Period: 2019-2020
Budget: 75,000€   



  •  DFT 2019 conference. Singling out dynamic and nondynamic correlation. Alicante (Spain), July 2019. 
  • Total Energy 2020Singling out dynamic and nondynamic correlation. Donostia (Spain), January 2020.
  • Univ. BarcelonaSingling out dynamic and nondynamic correlation. Barcelona (Spain), February 2020.