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Dr. Eloy Ramos Cordoba


PhD Students:

Irene Casademont Reig

Mauricio Rodríguez Mayorga 

Sebastian Sitkiewicz 

Mireia Via Nadal

Xiang Xu 





From left to right: Dr. Eloy Ramos-Cordoba, Miss. Mireia Via, Dr. Eduard Matito, Miss. Irene Casademont, Mr. Juan Reino, Mr. Sebastian Sitkiewicz and Mr. Mauricio Rodriguez-Mayorga.


Eloy (currently in Berkeley) is a postdoctoral fellow working on method development, including DFT, DMFT, electron-correlation measures and local spin analysis. Mireia is a first-year PhD student working in electron correlation, Coulomb holes and density functional development. Irene is a first-year PhD student working on the calculation of UV-Vis spectra, redox and photoredox properties with time-dependent DFT and several tools developed in the group to study the charge-transfer process. Juan Reino is a visiting undergraduate (from Madrid Aut. Univ.) working on density functional theory and non-linear optical properties (NLOPs). Sebastian is a master student also working in the development of DFT functionals for the calculation of non-linear optical properties. Mauricio is currently on the third year of his PhD thesis and works on the development of DFT functionals with the use of model systems. 


Who was missing the day of the photo?

Why is Mauricio carrying a saucepan?

How do we estimate electron correlation using intracule functions? 

Come and figure it out! 


Prospective candidates should contact Dr. Eduard Matito with a letter of motivation at ematito@gmail.com