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Conference tour

Posted on April 9, 2010 at 7:42 PM

I already have most tickets for the summer conferences. Starting the last week of May, I go to 'Molecular Quantum Mechanics 2010' held in Berkeley where I will present a poster on the work on two-electron harmonium. Five days after my comeback I will fly to Dubrovnik for MATCH/CHEM/COMP 2010, where I will give a small course on molecular vibrations. One week after I will be going to Paris for the 20th anniversary of the ELF, a conference dedicated to Bernard Silvi, there I will present a joint work with Bernard on a natural orbital approximation for the calculation of the ELF. A few days later I will be travelling to Oviedo for a new edition of ESPA, where I will communicate on the two- and three-electron harmonium results. I close this summer tour with a short communication on the same topic at the so-called Girona Seminar, this edition devoted to electron density, density matrices and DFT. I will try to upload the pdfs of all these contributions in due time.

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