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Posted on July 6, 2011 at 6:48 PM

Lately there have been a few events that well deserve a new post.

I was recently awarded a Career Integration Grant (CIG) that will support my research for the next four years (100,000€;). I will try to use this money to buy some consumables, attend to some conferences and to employ some Ph.D. student.

Yet another year passes and I have not been awarded the Ramon y Cajal (RyC) contract. The RyC is a sort of five-year tenure-track from the Spanish government. Basically my chances of getting a permanent position are extremely low if I am not awarded a RyC. The good news is that this time I got the 23rd position and I am on the reserve list (18 were awarded) but there is no chance for this year.

Together with Jerzy we were granted 20,000 hours of computation in Mare Nostrum. Finally, they grant us time in MN but we requested 150,000 hours and we cannot do much with these 20,000 hours.

I am waiting for a Catalan two-year postdoctoral grant with deadline on November 2010. The decision should have been given by the end of April (6 months... for comparision let me say that the CIG takes much more time to be prepared and the decision was given within 3 months). To make it worse a few months ago the Catalan govenment postponed the decision until July and today I learnt that the decision will be hopefully [sic] postponed until September! It is completely unacceptable that they need 10-11 months to make a decision. If they actually ever make it... Obviously there is an economic reason behind: the Catalan government ran out of money. Yet, they should realize that many people depend on these grants, and awarded or not, they need to know it asap in order to find another source for funds if not granted. 

Finally, let me say that I will be attending to WATOC meeting the third week of this month and starting vacation right after it.

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