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Quantum Chemistry


Wroclaw & Lodz

Posted on April 13, 2011 at 12:11 PM

My last month in Poland I organized a mixture of vacation and lab-visiting. I had the opportunity to give talks on the 'Vibrational Auto-adjunting theory' and 'The Electron Localization Function' (see papers 26 and 36) in the Wroclaw University of Technology and the Technical University of Lodz respectively. I was invited to Wroclaw by Robert Zalesny who was a formidable host.  In Lodz I was visiting Kasia Pernal and staying at her place. I was impressed by the size of the group in Wroclaw. Kasia's group just started but it is already producing very interesting papers.

On my vacation with Anna we visited Wieliczka, Krákow and Zakopane. Hard to decide which one was best. Krákow is probably my favourite city in Poland (with permission of Torun). In Zakopane we enjoyed the folklore in Chata Zbójnicka. The salt mine in Wielczka is simply impressive, worth a visit. I had almost no time to visit Wroclaw but I was already familar with this charming city. My visit in Lodz was brief, but apparently there is no much to see there, excepting for the Manufaktura (see photo).

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