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PhD Student position in Computational Chemistry

Posted on June 17, 2015 at 9:50 AM

PhD-student position available to perform the doctoral thesis in Donostia (Spain) under the supervision of Dr. Eduard Matito to work on some of the these subjects: (i) development of new DFT functionals; (ii) chemical bonding and aromaticity from electron delocalization measures. Dr. Matito works in the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) leading a group of four people that is part of a bigger laboratory working in diverse research subjects including method development, aluminum (III) interaction with bioligands, noncovalent and hydrogen-bond interactions, spin-flip methods for excited states, nanoclusters, chemical bonding and aromaticity.


Candidates should have completed a BSc. and a MSc., preferably in chemistry or physics, and have a good background in computational and theoretical chemistry. The candidate will enjoy a three-year contract of 16,422€/year (minimal salary in Spain ca. 9,034.20€) at the University of the Basque Country in Donostia. Donostia, the 2016 European Capital of Culture, is one of Spain’s most attractive, charming and popular cities, a sophisticated coastal gem situated in the north of the peninsula surrounded by hills and offering a lively beach front, a range of natural beauty and a unique gastronomical experience. The fellowship includes the payment of the doctoral studies, the possibility to perform short stays in other research centers and a fourth year of contract (19,000€/year) if the candidate obtains her/his PhD degree before the end of the third year. In addition, the group normally covers the expenses to attend a conference or a summer school every year.


The deadline to submit paperwork is the 29th of June at 15:00. Applicants should contact Dr. Matito ([email protected]) for futher details as soon as possible (the application procedure requires some paperwork that usually takes some days to obtain). Please include a CV with your e-mail.

More details in this website.

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