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Conferences in 2013

Posted on October 28, 2013 at 10:20 PM

This year I have attended four different conferences and I have presented a few works, including some results for aromaticity, multicenter indices, third-order densities, electrides and DFT development.

On June I participated in the NCI Workshop Topological Approaches to Intermolecular Interactions organized, among others, by Julia Contreras from the CNRS in Paris. The conference included a training session, in which the authors and developers of NCI software gave us a good introduction to the theory and the software. It was a very well organized conference which included four talks from people from the IQCC (Verònica Postils, Marc Garcia-Borràs, Sílvia Simon and myself) and one excellent presentation by Ferran Feixas, a former IQCC member. I presented a summary of the results we have obtained in the past years using the multicenter indices. In addition, I got the chance to perform as a session chairman.

On July I was invited to give the course Molecular vibrations: From Vibrational Wavefunctions to Potential Energy Surfaces in the 9th SEADIM Intensive Course organized in Havana (Cuba). As a curiosity I got a fever the day of the lecture and I did my best to give a good talk... but I can only certainly say that this is the lecture in which I have sweated the most :-) A few days later I took part in the 9th Seminars of Advanced Studies on Molecular Design and Bioinformatics: Energy (SEADIM) organized in Varadero, giving a talk entitled A New Means to Characterize and Identify of Electrides. 

On September I attended the 15th DFT conference held in Durham (UK) which, so far, has been the most fruitful conference of the year. I brought a poster presenting new hybrids functionals for two and three-electron harmonium. In Durham I enjoyed very good lectures, including those of Axel Becke, Erin Johnson and Marcel Swart. The last one was particularly enlightening and, IMHO, the best conference of Marcel I have attended (Marcel is also part of the IQCC).

Finally, on October I was invited to give a lecture in Advances in Quantum Chemical Topology, a very well-organized symposium that took place in Mexico City. My talk summarized the last results obtained with multicenter indices but with particular focus on the new approximation for the third-order density we have designed (work to be submitted soon).

And basically that's it for 2013. In a forthcoming post I shall give more details of my stay in Mexico.

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