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Quantum Chemistry



Posted on December 14, 2012 at 1:35 PM

This week I was invited to visit the group of Ricardo Mata in Göttingen. They are working in many fields, from Molecular Dynamics to local correlated methods. They even programmed a molecular application for android that can open xyz and pdb files, design new molecules and optimize them with a force field. The program has been downloaded over 8000 times!

Recently, together with his postdoc Diego Andrada, they started to work in the fields of molecular bonding and aromaticity. Therefore, they became interested in the research of our group, which I tried to summarize in a seminar. I talked about the works I carried out in collaboration with many people (see talk) and the ESI-3D program, which I developed during the last years. Recently, I have been working on the update of this software which include many new possibilities. This new version will be released any time soon.


Over the weekend I also shortly visited Frankfurt and its Weihnachtsmarkts, which I missed from the time I spent near Berlin. 

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