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Moving out, back and on.

Posted on November 19, 2011 at 8:10 PM

I moved out of the Donosti and went back to Girona on the 1st of December. In a sense, my postdoctoral adventure finished there. However, I do not have a permanent position or whatsoever, and I'm still living out of postdoctoral grants, like the one I just got for the next two years. Yet, taking into account the current economical situation I cannot complain.

My stay in Donosti has been short (8 months) but intense. Apart from some personal issues I have been through, my time in the Basque Country has been great. I confirmed that Prof. Ugalde's group is doing very high-quality research, but I also found myself surrounded by many amiable people. That certainly made my stay very pleasant and the interaction with the members of the group extremely easy. Small wonder I left Donosti with bittersweet feeling ... I was 'coming back home' but I would have stayed there longer.

In Donosti I have had the opportunity to work on different subjects, including the most interesting Natural Orbital Functional Theory (NOFT). Altogether I learnt quite a lot about this theory, which -I believe- it has still a long way to go. I came back to Girona with a few ideas for new projects, some of them to be implemented in NewDFTfunct, which also started on December 2011.

I have to admit that so far I have not had much time to do research... let's see if I can settle down soon and start working!

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