Dr. Eduard Matito

Quantum Chemistry

Research & Funding

Current Funding:

Title: Accurate characterization of charge-transfer excited states   
Entity: Marie Curie Actions (H2020). Global Fellowship.
Principal investigator: Eduard Matito (Coordinator). [Researcher: Dr. Ramos-Cordoba]
Budget: 239,191€
Period: 2016-2018 

Title: DFT functionals for the calculation of nonlinear optical properties  
Entity: Spanish Ministry (MINECO).  CTQ2014-52525-P
Principal investigator: Eduard Matito.
Budget: 60,000€ (plus PhD fellowship)
Period: 2015-2017


Previous Funding 

Title: Development of new DMFT and DFT functionals. PCI09-GA-2011-294240
Entity: Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (CIG). 7th Framework Program.
Principal investigator: Eduard Matito.
Budget: 100,000€
Period: 2011-2014 (4 years)

Title: A New Strategy in DFT: Hybrid Functionals Adapted to Electron Correlation
Entity: Europa Excelencia, Spanish Ministry (MINECO) CTQ2013-41236-ERC
Principal investigator: Eduard Matito.
Budget: 75,000€
Period: 2013-2014 (1 year) 


 Research topics

- Development of Density and Density-Matrix Functionals Methods (DFT & DMFT).

- Exactly Solvable Models (e.g. Hooke Atom, Wigner molecules).

- Reduced Density Matrices.

- Chemical Bonding Descriptors. Electron Sharing Indices (ESIs).

- Aromaticity.


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Dr. Eduard Matito (ematito[]gmail.com)

Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC).

Paseo Manuel de Lardizabal 4.

20080 Donostia (Euskal Herria), Spain.

Phone: +34943015341